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  • Written by Nicholas Snelling
  • Illustrated by Glen Le Lievre
  • Finalist in Australia's AUREALIS AWARDS for 'Children's Fiction'
  • Full-colour illustration in a beautifully bound 52-page hardcover book
  • Perfect for ages 2-10



Hilarity meets high adventure in this irreverent but 'snort-drink-out-your-nostrils' funny story about a wild little kid who loves to strip off and run around nude in the most inappropriate of places. Billy streaks through his snooty neighbours’ manicured lawn, the supermarket, an art museum, the zoo, a golfing green, and even his local church, just to name a few!

Unsurprisingly, Billy’s neurotic toy robot is horrified. His poor parents are embarrassed. Meanwhile, all sorts of other snooty folk are fuming mad over his antics. But one day Billy meets someone special who helps turn his skill for streaking stark naked into a wonderful career. 


  • The book came about after a massively popular global crowdfund and is 100% Australian
  • It's a finalist in the prestigious Aurealis Awards for Children’s Fiction
  • It was illustrated by the 2021 Australian Political Cartoonist of the Year, Glen Le Lievre (TIME, The New Yorker, Wall Street Journal, Australian Financial Review)
  • It's a wild, irreverent romp with a few extra shots of red cordial
  • It contains everything a future classic kids’ book should have – catchy, rhyming verses; hilarious illustrations; a feel-good closing message; and a happily-ever-after!
  • Kids giggle at the slapstick. Adults guffaw at the satire. 


ISBN: 978-0-646-84452-7

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