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"At Bad Dad Publishing, we believe the best books for kids are the kind that Mums & Dads love reading to  them."

If you wound up here, then you may be curious who are the 'brains' (or lack thereof) behind this silly little book about a boy on a streaking spree?

Well, if you loved BAREBUM BILLY, then you'll be delighted to know it is just the first book to be released by Bad Dad Publishing.

Bad Dad Publishing is the delinquent brainchild of the book's author, Nicholas Snelling, and his beloved wife Jaq. Right from the outset, we had one main goal as a publisher of children's books in mind, and it's this:

Create the sort of books that every kid not only loves to be read, but also books that every parent will love to read to kids. Yes, we believe story-time should be as fun for Mums and Dads as it is for kids.

So, what's the future look like?


Well, with any luck, there's much, much more to come from our independent imprint. Yes, we have loads more wonderfully funny children's books just waiting in the wings. 


We're also confident that sales and word-of-mouth of BAREBUM BILLY continue to grow, it will allow Bad Dad Publishing to partner with an established global publisher, while still maintaining creative control.

(Also, did we mention our dream goal is to make an animated short film of BAREBUM BILLY? Pixar, watch out!)

Hence it's vital that this first book continues to be wildly successful. And that's where YOU come in.


Just like all the hundreds and hundreds of enthusiastic folk who pledged to BAREBUM BILLY's initial crowdfund and helped make it such a record-breaking campaign, you can buy a copy (or copies) of the book and spread the word to anyone you know with kids, grandkids, nephews or nieces. 

Thanks for believing in the book and making it all possible. There's no reason why story-time shouldn't be as fun for Mums and Dad as it is for kids.

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